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Smoking, Weight Gain and Health

Quitting smoking may increase short-term risk of diabetes

Smoking and Arthritis Risk

Children exposed to secondhand smoke may be at increased risk of arthritis in future

Your Cell Phone and Your Social Life

Can your cell phone be a downer when you're out with friends?

17 Aug

Is a Haywire Body Clock Tied to Mood Disorders?

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- There may be a genetic link between mood disorders and the body's internal clock, a new study suggests.

Research published earlier this year linked disruptions in the body clock (circadian rhythms) with an increased risk of m...

17 Aug

More Opioid Users Getting Treatment Since Medicaid Expansion

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The expansion of Medicaid that came along with the Affordable Care Act has made it easier for some opioid users to get treatment, new research suggests.

In a study of nearly 12 million Medicaid patients, researchers found tha...

17 Aug

Genetic Testing for Cancer Lacking for Women on Medicare: Study

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Testing for gene mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer is rare among some Medicare patients who have the cancers and qualify for such tests, a new study finds.

Researchers analyzed data from 12 southeastern states bet...

17 Aug

Generic EpiPen Gains Doctors' Approval

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval Thursday of the first generic versions of the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. has pleased medical experts, who hope it will make the lifesaving medication more affordable and available.


17 Aug

FDA Approves Brain Stimulation Device for OCD

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A brain stimulation device to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has received approval for marketing Friday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation uses magnetic fields to stimulate ...

17 Aug

Eating Before Early Workout Helps Burn Carbs

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- If you exercise in the morning, it may be a good idea to eat breakfast first.

A small British study finds that having breakfast before a morning workout triggers the body to burn more carbohydrates during exercise and also sp...

17 Aug

AHA: Gout Could Increase Heart Disease Risk

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (American Heart Association) -- Having a type of inflammatory arthritis called gout may worsen heart-related outcomes for people being treated for coronary artery disease, according to new research.

The study, published Aug. 17 in The Journal...

17 Aug

Clinical Trials Balance Out Urban, Rural Cancer Survival Rates

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Differences in survival rates between rural and urban cancer patients may be due to the kind of care they receive, a review of cancer clinical trials contends.

Research has shown that cancer patients in rural areas have lower...

17 Aug

Maybe It's Time to Get in the Game

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Team sports aren't just for kids. They offer adults a wealth of benefits, including a greater feeling of well-being, reduced stress and a strong sense of community.

You have many options for finding an adult club or team-base...

17 Aug

A Little 'Horseplay' Eases Veterans' Mind, Body & Soul

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- U.S. Navy veteran Lisa Conway was having trouble coping with mobility issues related to two newly diagnosed autoimmune diseases when her therapist suggested equine-assisted therapy.

"I rode horses mainly as a youngster and a ...

17 Aug

The 'Right' Amount of Carbs May Help You Live Longer

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- You've probably heard about the high-carb diet and the low-carb diet, but a new study suggests a moderate-carb diet could be the key to longevity.

Researchers followed more than 15,000 people in the United States for a media...

17 Aug

AHA: Personalized Guidelines for Treating Adults With Congenital Heart Disease

FRIDAY, Aug. 17, 2018 (American Heart Association) -- The growing population of adults with congenital heart disease could soon begin to see more personalized care, according to new guidelines released Thursday.

Diagnosis and follow-up care for people over 17 will b...

16 Aug

New Blood Test Spots Parasitic Infection in Pregnant Women

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A low-cost blood test can identify pregnant women with the parasitic infection toxoplasmosis, researchers report.

People typically acquire the Toxoplasma gondii parasite by eating undercooked contaminated meat or thr...

16 Aug

FDA Approves 1st Generic EpiPen

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The first generic version of the EpiPen was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday, paving the way for more affordable versions of the lifesaving allergy emergency medication.

Though other injectors a...

16 Aug

Sleep in Your Contacts, Risk Serious Eye Damage: CDC

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A 59-year-old man was in the shower, wiping his eyes with a towel, when he heard a popping sound and felt pain shoot through his left eye.

His cornea had developed a severe ulcer and ruptured, tearing a hole in his eye.


16 Aug

Blood Test in Early Pregnancy May Predict Mom's Diabetes Risk

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A blood test seems to detect signs of gestational diabetes as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, a new U.S. government study says.

Gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnancy and can pose a serious health threat to moth...

16 Aug

1 in 4 in U.S. Has a Disability, CDC Reports

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- One in four American adults (61 million people) has a significant physical or mental disability, the federal government reported Thursday. And these disabilities are more prevalent among women, people in the South, and those living i...

16 Aug

AHA: Are Eggs Good for You or Not?

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (American Heart Association) -- The egg is standard breakfast fare, but many people may be wondering whether eggs are healthy.

At just 78 calories each, eggs are an efficient, rich source of protein and vitamins. A large egg contains about 6 g...

16 Aug

Thinning Retina Seen as Early Warning Sign for Parkinson's

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Your eyes could provide early evidence that you're developing Parkinson's disease, a small study out of South Korea suggests.

People with early Parkinson's appear to experience a thinning of their retinas, which are the lig...

16 Aug

Childhood Exposure to Smoke May Raise Risk of Death From COPD

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Adults with long-term exposure to secondhand smoke as children are at increased risk of early death from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), new research suggests.

The American Cancer Society study also linked exp...

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